Adjectives and adverbs and their role in ielts test


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В школах, университетах и других академических учреждениях общей образовательной направленности учащихся обучают овладению только лишь вербальными структурами английского языка. На это есть много причин, но основная – это острая нехватка часов как в школе, так и в вузах. К сожалению, после окончания «простой» школы учащиеся не успевают усвоить, но самое главное – они не могут понять суть английского предложения даже на уровне времен и основных вспомогательных глаголов, что потом сказывается почти на всех уровнях владения и навыка английского языка. Ни устная, ни письменная грамотность не достигается ими в полной мере после окончания школ и вузов. К глубокому сожалению, люди осознают необходимость владения английским языком или слишком поздно, чтобы что-то кардинально изменить в сторону улучшения, или во время трудовой деятельности, где времени на самосовершенствование почти нет. Конечно, есть одаренные студенты, но даже им необходимо указать нужное направление.

Мектепте, ЖОО-дағы және басқа да дәстүрлі оқу орындарында студенттер, ағылшын тілі негізінен тек ауызша құрылымдардың жалпы білім беру бағдар шеберлігін үйреткен! Бұл көптеген себептер бойынша, бірақ негізгі мектепте және ЖОО-осындай маңызды пән де, сағат жетіспеушілігі болып табылады. Өкінішке орай, «қарапайым» мектебінің соңында, студенттер, әрине, содан кейін меншік және ағылшын тілін білудің барлық дерлік молайту деңгейін әсер ететін, білу үшін уақыт бар, және қандай ағылшын үкім түсіну аса маңызды болып табылады, тіпті негізгі және көмекші етістіктер уақытта жоқ. Бірде-ауызша, жазбаша емес сауаттылық мектеп, университет кейін өздері қол жеткізген жоқ. Өкінішке қарай, адамдар түбегейлі уақыт дерлік ешқандай жақсарту, жетілдіру бағытында немесе жұмыста өзгерту нәрсе үшін меңгеру қажеттігі ағылшын тілінде немесе тым кеш тереңдігін біледі. Әрине, дарынды студенттер бар, бірақ тіпті олар бағытын анықтау үшін қажет.

At school, at university and in other conventional academic institutions taught general educational orientation mastery of students, mostly only verbal structures of the English language! This has many reasons, but the main is an acute shortage of hours, both at school and at the University for such an Important Subject. Unfortunately, at the end of a “simple” school, students do not have time to learn, and what is most important to understand the English sentence, even at times of basic and auxiliary verbs, which naturally then affects nearly all the reproduction levels of ownership and English language skills. Neither oral, nor written literacy is not reached by them after school, university. Tragically, people are aware of the depth of the need for proficiency in English or too late to something radically change in the direction of improving, or at work, where time is not enough. Of course, there are gifted students, but even they need to specify the direction.
When you need to think broadly about something. You need to search for ideas, options, possibilities, purposes, features, assumptions, causes, effects, questions, dimensions, hypotheses, facts or interpretations. Let come everything to your head: Look for different kind of ideas. Look at things from different points of view (most desirable). Look for hidden ideas. Build on other people’s ideas. Use categories to help you search.

So, let us start:
You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:
Each year, the crime rate increases.
What are the cause of crime and what could be done to prevent this rise in criminal activity?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge experience
Write at least 250 words.
№1: «Each year, the crime rate increases.» Indeed, the crime rates have been observed for years and based on previous data; the rates have been climbing gradually. The crime rates are one of the most important indicator for social stability and authorities work.
№2: «What are the cause of crime.» It is very complicated question, because it has multiple grades and definitions. Crime could be minor, like stealing or breaking someone’s property or high-grade crime like homicide or heavy fraud. The main idea of classification any action as crime, is to divide what is wrong and should not be done in civilized community and to respect human dignity on the level of each individual to ensure security and justice.
Cause of crime is a motivation for illegal actions. The crime motive mostly consists of desire of the profit and/or will to possess something that a criminal does not have. Beyond the official classification of crime and its motivation, it also has the causes and reasons. Some people do crime, because they do not have enough money and resources to run the normal life and even they do not have other choice, this is the social causes of crime
№3: «What could be done to prevent this rise in criminal activity?»
Two main systems, which supposed to help the community to prevent and punish the criminal activity; they are the justice and correction facilities. The punishment as freedom extraction is the strong scare factor for any individual to break the law. However, only effective and reliable work of the authorities could strongly prevent this rise! The roots of these problems lay in the social conditions. It is clear, that among the poor community the rise of crime is more likely to emerge rather than in wealthy ones. To prevent at least the rise of the crime, it is needed to improve or even if it is necessary to reform the social programs. The government must invest more in education, health care and try to ensure stable sufficient income for population by creating new jobs and improving the invest climate for private sector of economy.
You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.
Write about the following topic:
• Each year, the crime rate increases.
• What are the cause of crime and
• What could be done to prevent this rise in criminal activity?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant example from your own knowledge experience
Write at least 250 words.
Introduction is most complicated part of the IELTS-writing test. Because you must win the attention of the “reader” by eye-catching phrases and summarize in advance, what about you are going to write. Only few sentences advised!
The crime rise became last decades a big problem for modern society, despite many efforts being performed! The reason and causes for this growth could be social background, the lack of quality and not sufficient work of authorities and correction institutions and facilities (44 Words).
Main body is the part where you must discuss, search for possible answers and reasons, sustain the statements with the facts and your own experience and make the comparisons and so on. Moreover, try not going too deep in details; do not waste your time with long recalls from your memory if it is necessary – lie, but accurately! It must be a one single bulk!
Conclusion: Summaries of your ideas and logical personal conclusion in ordered manner make the wonderful impression of yours.
The cause of crime consists of many personal and social layers and which is why it is quite complicated to trace the real cause of crime. Some people do crime, because they do not have other choice, driven by the naked need!(42) The social issues force them to commit the crime in order to get something, because legal way of “getting” something for an in bad social-conditions-living individual is severely restricted by the circumstances. Other factor that plays a significant (40) role in the rise of the crime rates is police department’s activities. It is very important to prevent the crime from its happening by leading active work with the people in different social communities. Alternatively, sometimes people do crime, because (40) they do not aware the real situation and the consequences of an act and think that it is for fan to call emergency authorities and see the process how they search a bomb for nothing. I remember, for example when youngsters do this with no respect what comes to them. (48) When I used to be at school many police officers held the lectures about many cases that many teens used to call the emergency service and gave the false information, that for example at school was mounted (41) a bomb and something like this. They told that they found that kids and punished them harshly. Such kind of talks are very good measure to prevent social harming activities which is classified as a crime (36).
One of the most obvious actions to prevent crime is to make the laws and punishment more brutal and frightening. In short terms it works, but according to statistics in my country for example more than the third of all (40) crimes were committed with no respect on seriousness of the charge. More effective and cheaper way for the governments to prevent at least the rise of the crime rates might be to invest more founds in social programs, especially in (40) unfortunate social groups of society. According to the statistics of UN, around 40 percent of almost all criminals worldwide did not have fair social chances and so called social ladders in the past to improve their life conditions (35).
In conclusion, I could say that the rise of the crime rates is empowered by many factors that get a great influence on human choice to break the law and to make disastrous mistakes and only radical and strong actions of the government and its authorities could prevent the rapid rise of the crime frequency.
Total: 384
Main rules for successful IELTS writing task 2
1. Read the task carefully and then make a brief plan what you are going to write.
2. Criteria must be respected!
• 250 words not less
• 40 minutes (but try to finish it within 30 minutes, to be sure that you might have enough time for corrections and final check. TIP: your check list could be a task sheet; there you can write everything you want. And when you feel that you satisfied one point, go to another, it is a time test, not a novel!
• Write and discuss what is actually asked to do
• Either advantages or disadvantages or to what extent you are agree or disagree with the statement are the mainstreams of the task
• Most tasks want you to give your own examples from your life: knowledge and experience, whether they are bad or wrong, is not relevant.
3. Spelling is very important!
4. Grammar literacy of tenses, as you know English language does have a lot of tenses and rightful and appropriate usage of them will help you not only to give your message precisely, but also it could help you to organize your ideas in right comprehended sequence: sequence of time, direct indirect speech, past perfect tense, conditional (if – clauses) etc.
5. Please use passive voices, the more you have them, the better chances to get high score!
6. The usage of stable sentence structures and learn them in order to save time, such as: According to my point of view, as for me, furthermore, therefore etc. (see appendix #1)!
7. Use intensifiers to make your sentences more informative and emotional
Like adjectives, adverbs, participle forms of the verbs etc.
Greatly, so badly, precisely, hardworking, brilliant, with great sense of duty (and also use the book ‘vocabulary files C1’).
8. Train as much as you can. The more you train your writing skills the faster you write and less mistakes you generate. Writing tasks come at the end of the test. You will be surely exhausted after listening and reading sessions.

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