Education of the rising generation in the spirit of patriotism


Акмарал СМАНОВА, 
кандидат юридических наук, 
КазНУ им. аль-Фараби

B. candidate of jurisprudence, 
acting reader of KazNU al-Farabi

Статья посвящена вопросам воспитания гражданственности и патриотизма у подрастающего поколения, любви к Родине. В число приоритетных направлений деятельности Казахского национального университета им. аль-Фараби входит воспитание разносторонней личности и формирование высоких чувств к Родине. Университет на регулярной основе проводит мероприятия, посвященные проблемам патриотического воспитания молодежи.

18th of November 2016 in Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi the chair of theory and history of state and law, constitutional and administrative law, with student club ‘Amanat’ and students of 1st course of law faculty the traditional meeting with Afghan soldiers, devoted to the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence, was held.
KazNU is one of the leading institutions of higher learning of our state, which has 14 faculties, powerful scientific schools, the most experienced teaching staff, long-standing research and pedagogical traditions, wide material base, inquisitive students. KazNU by the ratings of international agencies enters in the number of prestigious learning institutions of world-wide scale. But besides the preparation of highly skilled personnel, possessing innovational methods and modern technologies, in the number of priority directions of university activity is included the education of students being true patriot, knowing history of own country, understanding modern tasks of state, which the President of Kazakhstan raises in annual states of nation.
In the frames of grand meeting, devoted to the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan Independence, on the law faculty of KazNU 18th of November 2016 the chair of theory and history of state and law, constitutional and administrative law, with the student club «Amanat» spent the meeting of veterans of military actions in Afghanistan with the students of first course of law faculty. 
Opening and addressing the meeting, professor of the chair of theory and history of state and law, constitutional and administrative law – Dina Baimakhanova mentioned, that such meeting of Afghan war veterans with the students of law faculty has already being spent the second year and becoming traditional. Such kind traditions will promote the strengthening of youth civil positions, widening of knowledge about basic stages of the history of Kazakhstan.   
In the meeting took part Serikbay Baymuldinov, the chairman of Republic social union of veterans and disabled of Afghan war and local conflicts «Ardager», lieutenant colonel of reserve, chevalier of «Aibyn» of second level; Ernazar Ishanov, colonel of reserve; Nurlan Bashikhtenov, major of reserve; Anuar Mayakov, lieutenant colonel of police in retirement; Serik Kusherbayev, lieutenant colonel of reserve; Musa Dzhumagaliev, major of reserve.
Lieutenant colonel S. K. Baymuldinov told about importance of such meetings with youth for training of call of duty and love to the Motherland, emphasized, that, as the President of Kazakhstan noted, «one of the key priorities of own ideology of our state sees the education of citizens and the rising generation in the spirit of patriotism, love to the land and country, readiness in any minute stand up under the protection of native country». Serikbay Baymuldinov payed a special attention that, soldiers – Afghans – are continuators of heroes’ actions – Panfilovs, who protected with the price of their lives Moscow in 1941. There is a special connection of generations of the Great Patriotic War heroes, Afghan War heroes and modern Motherland defenders. One of the main tasks of lawyers in the sovereign Kazakhstan – is a protection of legality in the state, right and freedoms of Kazakhstan citizens, resist to any manifestations of terrorist threats and extremism.
Colonel A. M. Mayakov told about prehistory of USSR Armed Forces  participation in military acts in Afghanistan, about stages of Afghan War, about basic operations. With a special feeling he told about bellicose losses of staff in the scales of USSR and Kazakhstan. Afghan War had passed 22269 kazakhstanis, 924 died, 19 unaccounted-for.
Major N. M. Bashikhtenov noted, that USSR not only fought in Afghanistan. Soviet Army defended car roads, built roads, hospitals, clinics, schools, universities, gas fields, electrical stations, nitrogen fertilizer factory in the Mazari-Sharif city etc. Protected and provided functioning of airfields in large cities. Was promoted the strengthening of state bodies in 21 provincial centers. The columns with military and economic cargoes were carried out for their own use and in the interests of DRA. With Afghan Parts and subdivisions were fighting to defeat the armed groups and opposition groups, and also were struggling with caravans, delivering weapons from Pakistan and Iran.
Serik Kusherbayev in the years of Afghan War was a commander of aircraft, transferring from the Union in Afghanistan staff and weapons. With the feeling of unhealed wound he told how he carried sad «cargo-200» from Afghanistan with dead bodies of young soldiers and officers. Serik Aubakirovich underlined, that this sadness never pass and in order to not to repeat, we must do everything for the preservation of peace on the Earth, for protection of own Motherland.
In the speech of M. G. Dzhumagalieva the great attention was given to the work on patriotic education of youth, which is directedby Republic Social Union of veterans and disabled of war in Afghanistan and local conflicts «Ardager». Especially Musa Dzhumagaliev marked, that for the transmissionof experience, knowledge and history of Motherland defenders the great role play literature, films and songs about Afghan War, especially creation of Alexandr Rozenbaum and his song «In black tulip».
Students, who spoke on the meeting, asked questions about modern position of collaboration with Afghanistan, especially in the sphere of education. 
Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi realizes educational services according to the agreement between Government of Republic of Kazakhstan and Government of Islamic Republic Afghanistan on collaboration in the area of education, approved by the decree of Government of Republic of Kazakhstan from 13th of November 2009 #1829. Nowadays in KazNU are educated 28 students by scholarship,20 people on the magistracy of all faculties, 8 people on the baccalaureate, on the foundation course 100 people – citizens of Afghanistan are educated. Altogether in KazNU 128 future specialists are studying.
In conclusion of the meeting lieutenant colonel S. K. Baymuldinov presented medal «75 years of Panfilov division» from RSO «Generals’ Soviet» and Republican Social Union of veterans and disabled of Afghan War and local conflicts «Ardager» to the professor of the chair of theory and history of state and law, constitutional and administrative law of KazNU – Dina Baymakhanova, for what she was heartily blessed and especially marked heroism of Afghan soldiers, their loyalty to Motherland, educated on the example of warriors of Panfilov division, importance of their personal example for education of the rising generation in the spirit of loyalty to the native land and nation.
Teachers of the chair of theory and history of state and law, constitutional and administrative law presented to the dear guests memorable souvenirs and books of one of the eldest professors of law faculty, participant in elaboration of Constitutions of Republic of Kazakhstan in 1993 and 1995 – Sultan Sartaev. Students of law faculty with a great enthusiasm assisted at the meeting, asked many questions, photographed with the veterans and in their speech with interest said about heroic pages ofthe history of native country.